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Take me to Tanzania

2021 sees us make a small, but significant, coffee origin change. Southern Kenya has become northern Tanzania.

You probably won't taste the change, but our Hills Tour Blend is now 20% Tanzania AB North instead of 20% Kenya AB. Both coffees are sourced through Taylor Winch - part of the Volcafe network.

Coffee roasters are often reluctant to change coffees, and this is a switch we've taken very seriously. The change gives us more confidence in the outcomes for growers, which is our highest priority. We have more confidence in funds flows, sustainability and some social outcomes.

The current edition of BeanScene magazine gives a glimpse into the work of Volcafe in Tanzania, and other countries. Check out the article here.

The north of Tanzania has a proud coffee history with the names Arusha and Kilimanjaro known for pleasant acidity, full body and warm, rich flavours. Tanzania is also known for Serengeti National Park and Zanzibar (pictured).

Our Tanzania AB North is a fully washed, mixed varietal with well balanced characteristics. Dark berry and chocolate notes partner with lovely acidity, which compliments the other components of the Hills Tour Blend.

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