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Conquering coffee confusion

Is a flat white just a latte, but with less froth? Is a cappuccino the same the world over? And why does a piccolo latte look so much like a long macchiato?

Welcome to the sometimes confusing world of espresso.

If you're bewildered by the coffee menus in your preferred coffeehouses. I suggest you just embrace it.

Take the attitude that there's no such thing as a stupid question. Ask the attendant about anything and everything.

Curious what a Magic is? Ask the barista. Heard your friend talk about an Americano? Ask the staff to explain it to you. Enjoyed a Flat White in New Zealand? Ask how they made it, so you can have the same experience at home.

If you're given a definitive answer in one location, don't assume that it's true for all times and places. While their are international championships, it hasn't translated to global standards. There's no enforcement and there's a lot of diversity.

And that means that customer preferences are very influential. There'll be a name for the beverage you like but, more importantly, there's likely a coffee shop near you that can make it.

So ask away...and let your barista know how you enjoyed the finished product.

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