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Test drive: Hario Mizudashi pot

In a world of bewildering complexity, simple solutions can be a refreshing change. And I'm only talking about coffee!

Hario cold brew pot

The Hario Mizudashi has four pieces and a simple clean style. The 600ml version (tested) has an RRP of $30.95, with a 1 litre version available for $33.55. Both come in black, brown or red.

My only criticism is the lack of English language instructions in and on the box. Hopefully this blog will address this for somebody out there. I assume I'm not the only person who can't read Japanese.

I chose our Costa Rica Colibri as my test coffee and nailed it first time. It's probably not reasonable to expect a perfect result for rookies like me though. I'd encourage users to consider the old "three strikes and you're out" approach.

After rinsing the pot components, I ground 50g of coffee as coarsely as my Sunbeam EM0480 would allow. I ground it directly into the Mizudashi's filter (simply because I could). I poured 500ml of water into the glass pot and slowly lowered the coffee-filled filter in.

The coffee tended to rise above the water as I lowered it in, but it was my first time and I pretty much ignored it.

Then lid on, and into the fridge.

Nine hours later I eagerly lifted the filter unit out of the pot, allowing a few last drips of brewed coffee to drop back in.

Pouring a sample into a glass my first impression was very positive. A smooth, sweet coffee experience awaited me. Eminently drinkable straight.

The filter can be emptied after removing the base with a simple twist. The unit's simple construction makes cleaning very straight forward.

Other lessons learnt;

  • Even after nine hours, some of the coffee was relatively dry on my first attempt. This can be addressed by using a full 600ml of water, pouring the water through the filter into the pot OR stirring the coffee with a long-handled spoon prior to refrigeration.

  • Also, the brew was perfect on the first day and good on the second day. It seemed to lose its character by the third day.

The brewed result will always reflect the quality of coffee used. With that said, the Hario Mizudashi is capable of producing one of the best coffee experiences you may ever have!

Albert Einstein is said to have encouraged us to keep things simple. Who am I to argue with him!?

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