Colombia Amamos La Vida

Colombia Amamos La Vida

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    A fully-washed mixed-varietal coffee, it excels in milk, presenting citrus acidity, dark chocolate and blackberry sweetness. A typically floral aroma precedes a surprisingly full body.


    We think it's a candidate for Best Coffee Ever due to its flavour, social and environmental credentials. Here's what the co-op's commercial manager, Camilo Enciso, says,


    "We live in a country with many temptations, where people have other, perhaps easier, options to make a living. For example, illicit crops, coca and poppy seeds. Fortunately, there are currently no illicit crops in this territory in the south of Tolima. But we are fighting hard to ensure that coffee can sustain our families.”


    The co-op's motto is ‘Amamos La Vida’, meaning We Love Life.


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